99 Ways to Flood Your Website With Traffic by Mick Macro

This is one of the books I have found useful in my search for further traffic sources. There are several methods you won’t even have thought of and many are free traffic sources. Organic traffic once set up continues to grow over time by word of mouth and people passing on your link. It is therefore very important that your website and all your articles are well written, informative, appealing and relevant to the searches in your chosen niche.

It is a good idea to use both organic traffic and paid advertising to encourage searches. Paid traffic can be ppc, Facebook ads, solo ads or banner ads, as they bring quick returns especially useful when making tests.

I have pulled out a few items from the book as illustrations; method 21 is talking about free blog sites. There are many providers to choose from, weebly.com is an easy to use free website provider. Especially useful as you can upgrade your website to a paid version in the future to com, org, info, etc. Weebly.com is easy to use, there are great tutorials, plus a helpful chat line. It is also a highly ranked site so relatively easy to get onto page one of Google.

Method 25 explains the correct way to use Twitter to gain traffic (not the way most people use it)!

Method 22 Ask and answer sites like Yahoo Answers” and Ask.com where you can ask questions and leave answers to other peoples’ questions. They work a little like forum marketing.

Method 51 Stumbleupon, get your articles voted for and passed around. Don’t forget a good resource comment and link to your website.

There are ways to improve your website No 70, 56, 53, 43, 36, 35 to gain more traffic.

The above are just a few entries to show the versatility, some will appeal to you more than others but so many ideas to implement you will never wonder what to do, just when will you have the time!

So if you are an online marketer I hope you will find this little inexpensive book as helpful and full of ideas as I have. Or are you looking for the easiest route into the online world? If this is the case affiliate marketing is the simplest way to start online, if you work with the guidance of a coach. You can start earning commissions in a short time even if you are still learning the techniques.

You will have a great range of best-selling products provided for you and professionally written order pulling sales pages, plus up-to-date training. It is in your coaches interest to help you as they will be earning when you earn too. Affiliate marketing is a fun way to begin online with the security of knowing you are working to a tried and tested plan.

Top 4 Tips to Increase Your Social Shares

Social signals have been in the spotlight since 2010, when Search Engine Land’s Danny Sullivan first blogged about them. Shortly thereafter, Steve Cutts confirmed in a video that Google does consider these signals.

This should come as no surprise. Social signals, like backlinks, provide an objective vote of confidence for a specific page or resource. It’s unlikely that social signals have surpassed backlinks in importance, but one thing is clear: it’s no longer safe to ignore them.

There a few social signals in particular that you should monitor: Facebook likes to your pages and groups, Twitter followers associated with your brand, tweets that mention your brand, Google+ Circles, and +1s.

These will change over time as social networks come and go, but as a general rule of thumb, you want a strong presence on all of the major social sites.

Much has been made of the fact that social media sites use the “nofollow” attribute, but Google still counts these when it comes to tracking social status. In other words, a social share is still an endorsement even if it does not directly affect SEO.

Think of it this way: a brand with lots of social media shares is likely to have strong brand loyalty. This is something of a “chicken and the egg” scenario in which a brand with mediocre SEO but with a strong social following can still rank.

The reasoning behind this is that a brand with a large following will have good conversion rates, repeat customers, positive reviews and referrals. These factors indicate that the brand’s SEO will improve over time, and so Google may give them the benefit of the doubt for a while.

There are things you can do right now to cultivate social signals.

Start a Company Blog

A company blog is essential to your success. A blog provides you a great reason to create regular, unique content, and it allows you to interact with your fans on a day-to-day basis.

Additionally, a company blog gives you a space from which you can tell your own story. This is essential in the event that you’re hit with a negative SEO or smear campaign. Naturally, it’s also great for SEO in its own right.

You can use Facebook’s comments API to connect your blog directly so that comments on your blog will appear on the social network as well. This is a cinch to set up if you use WordPress.

Create Social Media Pages

As mentioned, you should have social media pages on all of the major sites, but you should also create pages on specialized sites like LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube.

These more niche sites will help increase your Web surface area, so to speak, and they will build brand credibility. If your budget allows for it, you may want to hire a social media manager to administer these accounts for you.


You should strive to share data from one network to another as much as possible. For instance, don’t just share images on Pinterest; share them on Facebook as well. Twitter is great for sharing information, but don’t hold back from your LinkedIn groups either.

Interact with Influencers

Finally, one of the most important things you can do right now is to find out who the influencers are in your niche. Contact them on Twitter and begin a relationship.

Don’t blatantly market your articles to them. Introduce yourself, and let them know why your content is unique and valuable, but leave it at that. Don’t be afraid to share their content; they may return the favor.

Simple and Effective Ways of Recruiting Affiliates for Your Chosen Affiliate Program

When running your affiliate program, it is a must that you have the skills in recruiting the right affiliates. If you are still in the starting stage of the recruiting process and having a hard time doing the process, there are things that you can keep in mind to help you find good performing individuals. With the following tips, you will not only learn how you can recruit the right persons but also keep each affiliate happy while they are promoting your product effectively.

Start Recruiting Affiliates with Article Marketing
Article marketing is a cost effective and effortless way of recruiting people for your program. Having lots of time in writing will allow you to make the articles that you’ll be posting on your website and save money. However, if you lack the time to do the articles, you can hire someone to create the articles and just post it on your website.

Write Honest Reviews of Products for Attracting Your Potential Affiliates
An effective way of attracting more people is through creating and posting reviews for products that you are promoting. This is an effective way of getting the interest of potential affiliates and visit your website. Just try to make the reviews as unbiased as possible while not advertising too much of yourself. The review must be interesting and should leave an impressive comparison with similar products. At the end of each review, there is the best place where you can insert the link to the affiliate page you promote. Insert the link naturally to make it flow naturally. Once an interested visitor clicks the link and follows it, they can then turn easily into your affiliate.

Have Your Comments Posted on Related Sites to Entice Readers to Sign Up for Your Affiliate Program
Another way of attracting people to support your affiliate program is by posting your comments on any related public forums. This is one way of enticing other interested individuals to react on the product that you have promoted and share more ideas from your product. Most public forums allow adding a signature to each comment you make, which gives you more benefits in promoting your affiliate program. This is a great opportunity that you must take to recruit more potential visitors to your program. Just make sure that you post something that will entice interaction with other people from the forums to get the reaction and result you want.

Going Social
Taking time to visit social networking sites will give you more power and advantage with getting the right affiliates. You are given more advantage by directly promoting your website and taking advantage of the wide coverage online. You can invite friends having the same interest and turn these friends into contacts and your future affiliates.

Make use of these tips to effectively recruit your potential affiliates. These tips don’t require you to spend lots of money and make the process more interesting and easier on your part.